Inequality and social good


Co-organized by the Economic Society of Singapore and Singapore University of Social Sciences, and in support of ‘ForwardSG,’ the Singapore Economic Policy Forum 2022 centered on the theme of social good. I spoke on what ordinary people need to lead flourishing lives, the unequal wage work and care conditions people face as they try to meet needs, and the culture of individual hustle these conditions generate. The edited text of my speech is published at AcademiaSG.

《不平等的样貌》Chinese edition of This is What Inequality Looks Like

The Chinese edition of This is What Inequality Looks Like has been published by Taiwanese publisher Linking Publishing 联经出版. It was meticulously and thoughtfully translated by translator 方祖芳 and includes a generous introduction by Associate Professor Ke-hsien Huang 黄克先 of National Taiwan University. I’m immensely grateful for their labor and pleased to have this opportunity to reach more readers.

Readers in Singapore may also purchase it at Kinokuniya and Grassroots Book Room.

A new website

Welcome to my new website. I have set this page up as a place to share links and information about my books, op-eds, and research.

The last few months have been busy. A new, second edition of This Is What Inequality Looks Like hit bookstores in May 2019. I wrote and recorded a new Afterword for this edition. 

May also saw the launch of “What older people need in Singapore: A households budgets study”, a Minimum Income Standard research project I undertook with collaborators, Ng Kok Hoe, Neo Yu Wei, and Ad Maulod. Please watch and share this short explainer video:

Finally, I have been involved with, a new initiative which several scholars have launched to promote Singapore studies and to encourage critical debate about the state of intellectual life in Singapore.

You can find out more about my other books and publications at this page, which I will update from time to time. I will also post links to my op-eds on this blog. Thank you for reading.